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Program Details

Our programs run for 8-10 weeks, and will meet 1, 2, or 3 days per week for training. Fall sessions will primarily be after school with other options possibly available later or on the weekends. The age of athletes for SOAR programs range from 6th-12th grade and college athletes. Athletes are placed into age specific groups where they can be motivated by peers with similar athleticism. SOAR+ or older athlete groups are available. We also have personal training or 1-on-1 sessions available upon request.

What do our programs include?

body scan

Body composition analysis

This analysis gives an in-depth look at body fat, skeletal muscle mass, water weight, and a segment analysis (difference between right and left arm, etc.)

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Exercise Regimen

Sessions include a 8-10 weeks of a progressive exercise regimen that allows athletes to improve in speed, agility, power, and strength. Program is available for beginner to advanced athletes.

sport specific testing

Sport-specific testing

Each SOAR class includes sport specific testing to assess athletic ability through muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and flexibility.

Session times & start dates

SOAR sessions are held Monday–Friday from 4-5:30 pm.

Saturday sessions are also available for additional times from 9-10:30 am.

8 week options Available starts Monday, November 1st or Tuesday, November 2nd. Flexible for shorter programs if needed upon request.

*4-6 week options available upon request
*Saturday Morning Sessions can be used for more days of training or if you would like to only train once per week.

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for younger athletes looking to build a strong foundation of strength, agility, speed, power, form, and coordination.

2 Days/Wk.
3 Days/Wk.
10 Weeks:
9 Weeks:
8 Weeks:


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for older or advanced athletes with specific training based on  goals. These sessions are primarily for high school and college age athletes.

2 Days/Wk.
3 Days/Wk.
10 Weeks:
9 Weeks:
8 Weeks:
New Seasonal Program


for all athletes looking to improve their acceleration, top speed, maintaining top speed, and sprint mechanics. Special attention will also be given to strengthening the lower body to aid injury prevention of the hamstrings, hip flexors, and shin splints.

5:30 - 6:30pm
Acceleration, strength, and power (optional block start work)
5:30 - 6:30pm
Top speed, strength, and power
5:30 - 6:30pm
Speed maintenance, strength, and power
3 Days/Wk.
8 Weeks:

Gym Tours

Set up an appointment to receive a tour of the facility to meet the staff and check out some of the best equipment in Northern Colorado!

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