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Current Programs

These programs are currently available and available to signup.

Early Prep SOAR

For 4th and 5th grade athletes looking to get ready for middle school and start learning the basics in strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance in a fun environment. Let us know what days and time of the day you may be interested in.

SOAR Foundations

SOAR is great for middle school to high school athletes looking to build a solid foundation in strength, power, speed, agility, and endurance. Learn proper form and mechanics to train the correct way!


For athletes looking for more individualized or specific training towards a particular sport or skill (such as speed, strength, etc.). Football and volleyball specific training is ideal right before fall seasons! We can build programs that complement what athletes are already doing with their school programs.

Game Changer Basketball SOAR

For basketball related strength and conditioning such as strength, vertical jumping, power, quickness, conditioning, and agility. This will begin the week of June 3rd and last throughout the summer!

This session will be led by Kris Bayne who has a bachelor's degree in sport and exercise science, is Team USA Basketball Certified, and is a CHSAA certified coach. Kris began coaching in 2014 at Dayspring Christian Academy, working with the boy's junior varsity team. Kris then became the assistant coach for both the boys and girls high school teams. He played college basketball and was a part of the 2014 Royals Regional Championship team at Grace University. Kris is now a middle school P.E. teacher at Platte Valley Middle School.

Personal Training and Sport Rehabilitation Options

Available for both adults and athletes who are looking for personalized training to help reach their fitness or sports performance goals. This will be a very detail-oriented program focused 100% on your needs and goals. We also have sports rehabilitation programs available aiding athletes on getting back to competition after an injury.

If you are wanting to learn more about this option, please let us know!

Sprint & Soar: Speed and Agility Mastery Camp

This session will be on Saturday mornings starting the week of June 3rd and offered throughout the summer to specifically highlight acceleration, deceleration, top speed, sprint mechanics, and quickness. For middle school to high school level athletes.

Open Gym

This will continue to be an option for adults or athletes who are looking for a gym to get some training in. If you would like to upgrade your training experience, you can download our app where we will load workouts for you to follow on your own time at SOAR. We will offer open gym hours at various times during the morning, afternoon, and evening depending on your interest.

Please let us know if you are interested!

Online Training

This is perfect for athletes and adults that are unable to make it to SOAR. We will be offering a maintenance program for those athletes looking to keep their hard-earned improvements over the summer during the season or during their off time from SOAR. These workouts will be delivered simply through our app where you will have access to workouts for at-home to maintain your progress and lower your risk of injury during the season.

Introducing the "Dad's Belly Buster" 60-day online training program, specially crafted to help busy dads reclaim their fitness and shed inches off their bellies in a realistic and achievable timeframe. This program can be done through our app/online platform to allow busy dads a chance to complete at home and on their own time.


We are looking for 5 busy dads who feel time strapped and want to lose 2-4 inches of belly fat in the next 8-weeks.


We will be accepting a limited number of participants in our first 100% online training program to help us develop and test our training systems at a 60% off price!

Team Training

Unleash the full potential of your team with SOAR’s dynamic and comprehensive team sports performance training program. Tailored for athletes across various disciplines, our expert coaches specialize in fostering teamwork, enhancing individual skills, and optimizing overall performance. Great option for teams to train together and coaches to build team bonding, healthy competition, injury prevention, and tailored programs specific to your team’s needs.

Work with our experienced trainers to create a training schedule that aligns with your team's commitments and maximizes efficiency. Please reach out to schedule your team to train with us at SOAR today!

Elevate Dance Performance

Elevate is a SOAR program designed specifically for dancers to improve their technique, balance and stability, and body awareness. Inspired by a research project Monica conducted for her master’s degree, Elevate uses strength training not only to encourage overall technical improvement, but to target areas of muscle imbalance and weakness that may lead to poor technique habits or injury as well. This program uses weightlifting and resistance training, specifically, because they challenge a dancer more than bodyweight activities, such as Pilates or Yoga, and can more effectively build lean muscle, prevent injuries, enhance performance, build power and strength, and aid in mobility, range of motion, and muscular imbalance.

In the research study Monica performed, dancers’ saw an average of 25% improvement in Jazz, Ballet, and Modern technique after just six weeks of strength training (based on a technique scoring rubric totalling 230 possible points). Areas of technical improvement include proper turnout, alignment in the frontal and sagittal plane, a sense of the true parallel position, port de bras, plié and elevé in parallel and ballet 1st position, contraction and release of the spine, a dancer’s ability to find center quickly, and various center and across the floor work including adagio, turns, and jumps. Additionally, dancers experienced a decrease in poor habits such as anterior pelvic tilt, raised shoulders, fallen arches, and collapsed knees in plié.

The good news about strength training is that it can be personalized. Dancers who participate in Elevate will be given a brief evaluation of their technique and overall fitness at the beginning of the program, after which Monica and Kyle, the owner of SOAR, will design sessions throughout the summer that will best benefit the dancers’ specific technical and strength needs. At the end of the program, dancers will be given the same evaluation and receive their results, where they can see areas of improvement.

**For safety reasons, Elevate is limited to dancers age 12 and older**


Future Programs

These programs will be offered in the next few months. Please contact us for more information.

Day off training at SOAR

Does your school have Monday or Friday off during the week? OR are you a homeschool family with flexibility in your schedules? What a perfect way to fit in some training! We will be offering sessions on off-days and morning options if you would like to get it done earlier in the day.

If this is something that interests you, please reach out and we can find a time that would work with enough interest. Please note that wemust have at least four athletes in each session for it to become an official session. Athletes are also welcome to join the afternoon sessions on Monday and/or Friday.

Golf Program

Is it time to get your swing in shape this off-season? Let us help you unleash your true golfing potential! Our Golf Performance session is great for amateur enthusiasts and seasoned players. Our cutting-edge strength and conditioning regimen are designed to enhance your golf game like never before. Elevate your swing, improve endurance, and prevent injuries with expert guidance from our trainers. We are looking for adults or athletes who are ready to elevate their golf game by developing a more powerful swing to increase club speed by 2-5 MPH in 8 weeks.

This session will take place sometime between October through February.

Past Programs

These programs have been offered in the past, but are not currently on the schedule.


For children aged 3-5 years old looking to learn the basics of running, jumping, and playing! This session will be led by Kyle’s wife, Monica Taplin. For ten years, Monica has been a dance and ballet teacher and has years of experience working with children.

This session will take place sometime between August through May.

Winter Sports Program

Gear up for skiing and snowboarding season

Get ready to conquer the slopes with our comprehensive guide to winter-specific strength and conditioning. Elevate your skiing and snowboarding prowess through expert tips on building endurance, enhancing balance, and strengthening key muscle groups. Whether you're a seasoned pro or hitting the powder for the first time, our workout routines will help you carve your way to success this winter season.


We are looking for 5 adults or athletes who are ready to build better stamina to be able to ski or snowboard all day without getting tired in the next 8-weeks.

We will be accepting a limited number of participants in our first 100% online training program to help us develop and test our training systems at a 60% off price!

This session with take place sometime between August to November.

Speed SOAR+

🚀 Elevate Your Speed with our Speed-Focused Performance Training Session! 🚀Unleash Your Fastest Self with Our Cutting-Edge Speed Training Session!

Are you ready to break through your limits and leave the competition in the dust? Look no further! Join Velocity Ignite, the ultimate speed-focused performance training that will take your athleticism to new heights!

🔥 What to Expect:

Explosive Speed Development: Ignite your sprint with dynamic drills designed to enhance your explosive power, acceleration, top speed, and sprint mechanics. Our expert coaches will fine-tune your technique, ensuring every stride propels you forward faster than ever.

Precision Footwork: Gain a competitive edge with precision footwork training. From quick cuts to nimble maneuvers, master the art of controlled movement that puts you steps ahead of the game.

Individualized Coaching: Our experienced trainers understand that every athlete is unique. Benefit from personalized coaching to address your specific needs and unlock your maximum speed potential.

State-of-the-Art Facilities: Train in a high-tech environment equipped with the latest speed-focused equipment. Our facilities are designed to optimize your training experience, ensuring you reach peak performance levels.

🏆 Who Should Attend:

·       Athletes striving for breakthrough speed gains

·       Team sports enthusiasts looking to outpace the competition

·       For middle school, high school, and college athletes

🚨 Limited Spots Available - Reserve Your Place Now!

Gear up for a transformative experience that will redefine your speed limits. Don't miss out on our seasonal speed program – where speed meets precision, and excellence is the only option. Secure your spot today and get ready to RISE above the competition! This session takes place in January.

More Information

If you would like to sign up for any of the above sessions or services, please call us at (970) 351-9474 or email us at to see availability.

If you have any questions or comments about the above information, let us know!

What do our programs include?

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Expert Level Coaching

Athletes will be pushed through proper training techniques to achieve athletic and fitness goals by our college-educated and nationally certified trainers with over 10 years of training experience. Athlete's will not only come away with athletic gains but a renewed sense of self-confidence, hard-working abilities, and perseverance.

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Exercise Regimen

Sessions include 8-10 weeks of a progressive exercise regimen that pushes athletes to improve in speed, agility, power, and strength. Program is available for beginner to advanced athletes.

sport specific testing

Sport-specific testing

Each SOAR session includes sport specific testing to assess athletic ability through muscular strength, endurance, power, speed, agility and flexibility.

Gym Tours

Set up an appointment to receive a tour of the facility to meet the staff and check out some of the best equipment in Northern Colorado!

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