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Current Program: Summer Session

June 3rd, 2024-August 10th, 2024
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Upcoming Program: Fall Session

August 19th, 2024

SOAR into excellence!

Scientifically Oriented Athletic Regimen is a training program focused on helping athletes reach new levels of performance. Our progressive, unique, and balanced approach will never fail to build a well-rounded athlete.

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Strength & Power

A stronger more powerful athlete is a must to RISE above the competition. Athletes will be trained in a progressive strength regimen with an emphasis on proper technique and mechanics. Strength and power are the foundation of performance and will assist with injury prevention.

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Speed & Agility

As athletes become stronger and more explosive, speed and agility will improve. Athletes will be trained to recognize proper sprinting, acceleration, and deceleration mechanics. These mechanics will aid them and drastically improve their speed and quickness.

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Conditioning & Endurance

Start your season in shape and ready to compete! Many times, athletes spend their off-season becoming out of shape. Coaches then must spend precious practice time to get their athletes into shape. Our athletes will stand out at practice and games with the level of conditioning and endurance they will develop at SOAR.

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Flexibility & Balance

Proper static and dynamic stretching are key to unlocking each athlete’s potential. Balance and stability play a part in every sport. Athletes will gain a better understanding of how to control their movements during athletic competition at a higher level.

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Coordination & Reactivity

Coordination and reactivity are crucial to becoming a better athlete. SOAR will put athletes through sport-specific exercises and drills which allow them to work in a way that mimics sport-specific movement. Being able to react quickly is important in any sport as plays happen in the blink of an eye.

What participants are saying...

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My son, Michael, has been participating in the SOAR program for almost 2 years. It has been a great experience watching him learn and develop the proper training techniques to help him reach his goals. He started going to the SOAR program to help him get in shape for baseball. The coaches are great at motivating him, and his confidence in himself has gone through the roof. Thanks Kyle and Keith!

– Matt L.
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“Our daughter and son have attended SOAR every summer for the past four years. They're both athletes (volleyball and hockey) and this program was great to keep them in top shape before the season. Keith and Kyle have been a very positive experience for both of them. Really love how they tailor the program to the specific needs of the participants.”

– Franco R.
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“I have had multiple players, including my three sons, participate in the SOAR program. Their work with SOAR has been incredibly transformative, increasing their strength and agility greatly.  Kyle and his staff have the knowledge, experience and ability to help athletes grow stronger, run faster and jump higher all in a safe and engaging environment. If your player, son or daughter want to improve their athletic ability I would highly recommend you call Kyle.”

– Jason Fast

Head Boys Basketball Coach
Dayspring Christian Academy

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“My kids love SOAR! Not only have they improved their athletic abilities, but they have bonded with both Kyle and Keith - they are positive trainers! That is important to us. Every season, my kids want to go back and see what they can accomplish there. It’s very rewarding to see their progress. All thanks to Kyle and Keith! We will always recommend them, and we will always return.”

– Nelly M.
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“My son has been participating in SOAR for the last 4 years. We’ve noticed a huge improvement in his strength and speed during that time. We’ve also seen him become more confident in himself and the way he plays soccer. He had an overuse injury prior to SOAR and building his overall body strength has helped alleviate that injury as well! We highly recommend the SOAR program!”

– Adrienne A.
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“My 3 boys have really enjoyed SOAR! They have improved as an athlete and have pushed themselves more than they thought they could.  Keith has been wonderful and a very positive influence on my boys. I couldn’t be more pleased with their experience. If you are on the fence - I say try it!”

– Kami A.
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"Times were hard with COVID this summer, and your program was something that lifted Ryder’s spirits, and kept him motivated to do his best! He had wonderful relationships with your staff and loved that they always checked in on how he did on tournaments in between sessions! We also really appreciated the flexibility and communication from the staff when we had to plan around sports and vacations."

– Kim T.
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“My son completed the summer SOAR program and improved drastically in just about every category. He not only gained speed, strength and agility, but most importantly his confidence grew. He walked into his football season ahead of most of the boys, ready to compete. He gained the coaches attention and took a spot on the varsity team.

– Cori C.
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“The program really helped my son get ready for HS Football. Previously he struggled with shin splints but not after SOAR training. He enjoyed his trainers too!”

– Laurie S.
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“SOAR has greatly improved my sons strength, agility, speed and endurance. He feels much more confident now going out on the basketball court and baseball field to compete!”

– Pat M.
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"Kyle and Keith are amazing! I am a college athlete and I always can’t wait to get back and workout with them whenever I come home for summer. They have pushed me and helped me improve my speed, vertical and overall strength each session I have been a part of. I totally recommend this program to anyone!”

– Darcie K.
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“I started coming to soar my 8th grade year and from the minute I walked in that door I have had nothing but love for this place. I saw constant improvement every year and couldn’t ask for better, friendly, more hard working trainers who want to see you succeed. I owe all my athletic success to this place. Soar was the best thing to happen to my athletic career.”

– Elijah F.
Coaches Kyle Taplin and Keith smiling.

Meet Kyle & Keith

Train with coaches that are college-educated in Sport and Exercise Science with national certifications that include 10 years of experience and knowledge as a Strength and Conditioning Specialist, Personal Trainer, Medical Exercise Specialist, and Functional Training Specialist.

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